attentif à Hong Kong, toujours

Le moment du retour en Suisse avec ma famille se rapproche mais reste indéterminé. L’atelier garde une activité réduite.

attentif in Hong Kong, still

The time to return to Switzerland with my family gets closer but remains unknown. Workshop activity proceeds in quiet mode.

What I do


Originally trained as an IT engineer, I have over 15 years of experience crafting careful code to build apps and tools, networked or standalone, big or small.

Graphic & UX design

Mostly self-taught. Visual identity, typography, interaction design, information architecture, content strategy. On digital or printed media.

Coaching & consulting

Respectful practices in software development, project management, collaboration, and startup entrepreneurship.

Anything true and/or beautiful

This is an invitation.

How I do it

  • Leaving space for availability, quiet time and attention
  • Considering each situation as unique
  • Taking baby steps when needed
  • Cultivating and encouraging multidisciplinarity
  • Keeping things simple.


attentif isn’t here to make money

That does not mean money shouldn’t be paid for what I do, but payment – gifting back – can take many forms. Besides money, it can be something you do for me, or something you do for someone else (pay it forward). Or it can be just the fun of doing something together.

attentif is here to support projects I like

Whether we’re fully co-creating or I’m just giving a little hand, I look for the sense of helping something meaningful.

Contact me

I am based in Hong Kong for the time being. Work with Switzerland keeps going remotely when it makes sense.

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